Wrote my first ever computer program in GW-BASIC (contrary to what it may seem, I’m not that old) then found a course book on C so printf it was which eventually turned to cout<<cin and then I found the holly grail of VB.NET and for quite I while it was all Dim this Dim that and the love of drag and drop GUI started taking over me but that english like syntax of VB.NET didn’t made me feel like a programmer at all. The love for curly braces {} made me switch to the rather popular(depends) sibling, C# which had all the same qualities of VB.NET but had {} hurray and then it was C#/ASP.NET for a while. During that time I somehow encountered java, working a lil bit with java made me love C# even more. At the same time I developed a deep hatred for anything that had the word java in it. With time C# improved and made life much more easier with things like async/await but just like many others I fingered almost every language there is even verilog and eventually even java(damn android).
Anyways now days I’m mostly working with GO or Python with an occasional touch of C#(.NET Core), java(android) and js/Typescript(depending upon the mood).